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Re: network configuration for Eth0

On Sat May 2 2009, Thorny wrote:
> If I understand correctly what you asking:
> You will need to option your router to port forward port 80 requests
> from the WAN interface to the static IP Address of the computer on your
> LAN you want them to go to.

I have done that and it works.

> If those "laptops" are in your LAN, you will have to option firestarter
> on the computer in question to allow connections on service port 22 from
> your laptops in your LAN IP Address range.

I have also done that, and it works.
> In case I misunderstood you, I agree with Andrei, this thread has strayed
> far enough from the original topic to be worthy of starting a new thread.
> In any case, I advise you do that to make sure enough people look at it
> for good peer review.

so far, so good. Now I guess I need to start a new thread about IPTABLES.. 
right now I forgot that I had firestart installed, but I just wanted to 
create some rules to port forward to a static IP for HTTP web access. 
Firestarter might work, but i really wanted to be able to add my own entry to 
some file somewhere:) command-line junky :)


Paul Cartwright
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