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Re: etch make of 2.6.29 kernel is Broken.

Hugo Vanwoerkom writes:
> So what's 'y' in /home/martin/linux-2.6.29/scripts/gen_initramfs_list.sh?

This is an excellent question. That particular application
is a 294-line bash script which appears to take a bunch of file
names as input and turn them in to a cpio archive but I could be
wrong. The question is, where does that y come from?

	I have a second etch P.C. at work and it fails at the
same place. Both systems were upgraded to etch from sarge last
Fall and seem otherwise healthy. My guess is that I have either
a missing library somewhere or maybe a bad execution path as the
source should be self-contained. At least this is the gist I get
when reading documentation.

	I am pretty sure this is not related to gcc as it
doesn't appear to even get to the compilation.

	It almost looks like something is trying to answer y for
yes in the wrong place. It's certainly not me. I'm just sitting
there letting it all happen. The command I used was

make-kpkg buildpackage

This was after make-kpkg clean. Just plain make does the same
thing also.

	Martin McCormick

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