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Re: Can't create RAID 0 with Debian Lennny and mdadm on EC2

Raleigh Guevarra <deathect@yahoo.com> wrote:
> We're trying to make a RAID 0 with four 150Gb each of volumes but we
> are getting this error [...] on Amazon EC2

> # mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level 0 --metadata=1.1 --raid-devices 4 /dev/sdl /dev/sdm /dev/sdn /dev/sdo 

> mdadm: /dev/sdl appears to be part of a raid array: 
>     level=raid0 devices=4 ctime=Thu Apr 30 20:48:41 2009 
> [...]

> # mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sdl1 /dev/sdm1 /dev/sdn1 /dev/sdo1 

> mdadm: Cannot open /dev/sdl1: Device or resource busy 
> [...]

You appear to be trying to use a device that's already part of a RAID
array to create a RAID array. You can't do that.

Take a look at output of /proc/mdstat to see what your system thinks
are RAID devices.

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