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Re: repotbug not loading ui

Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
I have used reportbug successfully a few times with the urwid interface
without any problems. However, recently I can't get reportbug to load
urwid or even gtk2 ui settings.

Tried to look at the bug reports posted on debian but no luck. Even
tried reconfiguring and using debug mode but can't figure it out.

Any ideas?

This is reportbug 4.1 with debian squeeze all packages up to date as of
this email.

I have also never been able to try out the new gtk2 interface. When I try to get the GUI interface from a menu, nothing happens -- not even an error message in a log file. When I try from an X terminal, I get the text interface instead of the GUI interface.

I believe this is a known bug:


I'm waiting for this bug to be closed, and the next release of 'reportbug' after than, before pursuing this problem further. I'm so used to using the text interface, anyway, that merely consider the situation annoying.

Dave W.

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