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Re: Network tester substitution with two linux notebooks

Paal Marker wrote:
> I have had several network testers here now for measure the connections in LAN between server rooms terminations to outtakes in the building. After a year or so they fail, Tired of sending back to seller and get new. I know there are better quality to buy rather them I have tried, but expencive they are. 
> I have to small old notebooks that i could install a linux os on both, and have each one in each end of the cable.  But I can not find a suitable program for measuring if all pairs are intact.  Iperf I have tried, and gives of course a good indication if the cable should be defect,  but I would like to have a program with server/client that can indicate the condition of all pairs. 
> Anyone who have any idea for such a program? 

A couple of days ago somebody asked a very similar question. Take a look
at the archives (http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/) for details, but
the sort answer is that it is not possible to do that.

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