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Re: Thunderbird annooyance

2009/4/9 Frank McCormick <fmccormick@videotron.ca>:
> I am using T'bird on Squeeze under Gnome - I have 4 accounts
> set-up under local folders. When I switch from one account to another
> when reading the account folder is highlighted, and instead of the first
> message...and if I hit delete, it asks me whether I want to delete the
> folder. If there a way to modify this behavior to highlight the first
> message instead of the folder ?

This happens whenever the use switches to a different folder by
clicking on it with the mouse. This is because the folder is focused,
not the first message (even though it appears in the preview pane) and
therefore the delete action is for the focused element, the folder.

There is no workaround. I have been suffering from this for years as well.

Dotan Cohen


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