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Re: possible printer replacements

John Lindsay wrote:
> I have a HP 990C working just fine under debian (lenny) however I have
> seen at a local liquidation store the following laser printers available
> at a very good price and it may be time to upgrade. They are the Brother
> hl-2170, Brother hl-2140 and the Samsung scx-4300. Has anyone gotten
> these printers to work under Linux? According to the requirements lists
> software is available for windows products and Macs but nothing for Linux.

I have the HL-2170W running on my wireless network right now, works fine
right out of the box.  Get yourself an extra print cartridge right out,
the one that comes in the box is only half full.  See
http://www.openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=Brother-HL-2170W for
more information and the PPD file you need.

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