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Re: Ton of Lenny updates

On Sun,12.Apr.09, 16:09:31, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 12 April 2009 15:17:40 Russell Gadd wrote:
> >  There are 59 updates waiting for me to install. I never had this many when
> > I ran Etch for a couple of years, is something odd happening?
> As a result of your email I have just updated (last night there were no 
> updates!).  There were 53 updates.  Quite a high percentage seemed to be 
> OpenOffice.org related.  There was also a new kernel.
> Changes in OpenOffice.org do seem to mean a lot of updates.  I don't know 
> whether there is anything else.

Might be related to


(debian-security-announce and debian-announce should probably be 
subscribed by all Debian users).

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