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Re: joining Windows domain (Active Directory)

On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 03:05 -0700, orange wrote:

> thanks for the link, but it requires additional information such as
> some kerberos server hostnames and so on.

The server hostname you're looking for is whatever the (primary) domain
controller for your organization happens to be.
Your admin should know this, since this is the same machine he/she uses
to change ad settings, among other things.  One way to check (on XP) is
to go to Network Connections, right click on the connection, and select
status.  The support tab will have details on the ips of your dhcp, dns,
and wins servers.  It's pretty common for domain controllers to provide
all three services.

> I asked my admin and he told me that in windows everything is
> automatic so you don't need to enter any hostnames and such things.

Well, you will need the username and password of an account with
administrative privleges on the network (not just the local machine).
This is true for Windows and other OS. Aside from that, it is pretty
much automatic on XP.   

> I have a dualboot Debian/winXP. Is there a way to extract all needed
> information from the installed winXP? (it has joined the domain fine)
> there is firewall installed in winXP and it could be used to find
> servers but I don't know what ports to monitor.
> er, I have a feeling this might be wrong newsgroup for all these
> questions.. if so, sorry

Nope, it's not.  You might want to look into likewise open.  It's pretty
much dedicated to connecting a machine to AD as simply as possible.
A good article:

Yes, it's Ubuntu, but it's about building it from source.  If you go to
you can get a more recent version than what is used in the article.

Aparently it can set things up with just 
"domainjoin-cli join AD_REALM ADMIN_ACCOUNT"
which is pretty much how it is in XP.


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