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Re: 2.6 kernel issues

Steven Jones wrote:
>Is there any alternative apt-get sources that allow me not to upgrade my
> kernel in stable? The new 2.6 kernel I am forced to use wont boot on my
> scsi raid card, it panics....

Does any 2.6 kernel work for you?  If so, simply continue using the Etch 
kernel package until you can get one that works for you into a Lenny update 
(by filing a bug and helping the maintainers and developers).  The 2.6 Etch 
kernel will run any software allowed into Lenny (to allow Etch -> Lenny 
upgrades during Etch's continued security support.)

If no 2.6 kernel works for you, you will not be able to use Lenny.  (But, you 
should still take it up with the kernel developers.)
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