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Re: Debian's glacial movement--a rant

Freddy Freeloader wrote:


> I've never been pissed off at Debian before but I guess there is always 
> a first.

That's usually not a good way to start a discussion (admitted, you said it's a
rant, but aI'll try to answer anyway).

> I'm experiencing a bug in Gnucash that appeared a couple of days ago on 
> my system that makes Gnucash completely unusable for me.  I turned in a 
> bug report on Friday, checked on it yesterday, and by today the bug had 
> been blocked from being displayed.  It could be found by searching 
> Debian's bug tracker, but only if you know the bug id number.   If you 
> just search for bugs in Gnucash the bug does not appear to exist.
> The bug was closed, and blocked, because it's been fixed upstream in 
> version 2.2.9 which was released by Gnucash in February of this year. 

Older bugs that have been fixed are automatically archived, so no longer show up
by default. The bts allows you though, to show both archived and unarchived bug
reports. If you are using the web frontend, scroll down to the bottom.

> Great.   The bug has been fixed.   Why it needed to be hidden from being 
> displayed is puzzler for me, but that's the way it is.
> Now the bad news.
> Since Gnucash in both Sid and Sqeeze is now at version 2.2.6 I only have 
> to wait until Debian works through versions 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 before 
> Gnucash in Debian finally becomes usable for me again in version 
> 2.2.9.   As Sid is "only" 9 months behind Gnucash's release schedule at 
> this point I guess the fact that all my business records for the last 
> couple of years are in Gnucash means I'll be able to start doing my 
> business accounting again sometime after the first of next year, at a 
> minimum, if I wait for Debian....

so what is your point? Do you think the bug report was not correctly handled by
the maintainer?

Could you please point us to the relevant bug number.


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