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"best" usb sound card with debian support?

A few years ago I got an terratec phase 26 usb card. I need a second usb
sound card for a second computer and hear that there are better devices
available. Some of those suggested as 'better' alternatives are the
M-box mini and E-MU 0202 USB. Google makes me doubt that those are
supported by alsa / linux, though.

Are there any recommendations for high quality usb sound devices
supported by debian (alsa)?

Requirements are just stereo in and stereo out with more emphasis on the
output side, ie. I want to use it mainly for plain listening and
occasional recordings.

In absence of better recommendations, I would just buy another terratec
phase 26 or an edirol ua-25 ex, but I wouldn't mind to spend a little
more for some extra audio quality ;-)

Note that I am basically limited to usb, since I want to use it with a

Thanks for sharing your experience!


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