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Re: USB stick two devices into one

Rob Gom wrote:
> Is it possible to convert stick to be single device? I don't need
> second one... And two windows about new device connected can be a bit
> irritating...


>> Once the stick is attached, could you send us the output of 'fdisk -l'?
>> I'm just guessing, but maybe it is possible to simply remove the 2MB
>> second partition.
>> Cheers,
>> Johannes
> Unfortunately that's not partition ... That's second device (sdb + sdc
> in my case). Afaik there's no way to remove whole device from this
> physical device...

Maybe it will stop showing that second device and its pop-up window, if
there is no partition on it. I guess you wouldn't lose much by just
deleting that 9MB partition, ie. you'd have a device without any second
partition. (I have not tried it myself, though.)


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