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Re: POP3 connector for exchange 2007

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
On 30.03.09 03:19, Phillipus Gunawan wrote:
I just been asking by manager to deploy a POP3 connector for winblow$2008

I guess it's "asked by manager" - the manager asked you for that...

with exchange 2007 The company been using winblow$2003 and moving to 08
with exchange 2007

exchange supports pop3, why do you need a connector? Btw, if possible, use
at least IMAP to connect to it (exchange supports IMAP too)

A 'POP3 Connector', in the Windows world, is not a POP3 server but a POP3 client, and Exchange on standard Windows Server doesn't have one. The Small Business Server has one, but the 2003 version is extremely poor.


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