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Re: Why no Skype packages?

The problem is that a lot of windoze users are using Skype. So if you want to call them you need Skype ( if you don't have a Skype handset of course) There are bin versions on skype.com you can run without any installation, from a USB stick or whatever.

There are some live-cd/usb distributions with Skype ( Mepis 7.0 , Sabayon, USB: Slax+Skype module )

JoeHill wrote:
Steve Reilly wrote:
JoeHill wrote:
Was just looking at all the 'how to install Skype' pages, and wondering
why, as far as I can tell, there are no Debian packages. Is this a
licensing issue?
skype cant be re distributed. its not open source.

Ah, okay. Yuck.
...and also why the heck I need to install all of KDE for it to

Is there an alternative to Skype that is not such a pain? Something that
would enable me to make VoIP calls to Skype users?
ive never seen anything, skype uses its own closed encrypted protocol

Well, now, that's just crazy. Who would want such a thing? No one else can
expand on your brilliant invention... ;)
theres a deb right on skype download page

or you can use the apt way if you want, heres the repo info


Thanks for all the info, much appreciated.


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