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Re: problem with apt

Long Wind <longwind2009@gmail.com> writes:
> When apt-get installs a package
> it will install packages that the package depends
> When I remove the package, the depended packages are not removed.
> Is there a command (or a way) to remove the depended packages?

Use Aptitude.  When Aptitude installs a package, the dependencies are
marked as automatically installed, and it uninstalls
automatically-installed packages when everything that depends on them is

To start using this feature, however, you need to go through and mark
lots of things as automatically installed (the M key in Aptitude's
console interface) so that it can remove them as necessary.  I typically
do this to everything in lib and libdevel, and also look through the
program sections for things that I don't directly use and know are not
necessary for core system functionality.

Do be careful, though, that you don't let it remove important things
that you use :).

- Michael

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