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Re: Print Server

Gerald C.C wrote:

> Hi Guy's,
> I have arrived at this point more or less by accident. I am not really
> sure this is where i ask for help!!!
> I have 'Lenny' installed and I would like to use it as a server. That
> said i am sharing files OK> but although my other boxes see the
> printers I cannot print to them.
> Your thoughts on this matter will be greatfully received.
> Gerald

If you have Lenny installed, you may also have CUPS installed.  There
are a couple of settings there you should make.

If you do have CUPS, using your web browser, go to http://localhost:631
on the computer that has the printer(s) connected.

Select the Administration tab.
Select the Manage Printers button.
Select the Publish Printer button for the printer(s) you want to make

Back up to the Administration page.
Check the box that says "Share published printers connected to this

You should then be able to go to another computer, install the
printer(s) you just published, and print.

.... Rich

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