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Re: pinning not working

In <[🔎] 20090331142022.GA12247@osamu.debian.net>, Osamu Aoki wrote:
>It is tricky but apt-pin only works with
>testing/stable/unstable/experimental/... suite names.

release a=<foo>
matches any package where its repository's Release file has:
Suite: <foo>

It's just that the Release files in the official repositories use the 
stable/testing/unstable instead of Lenny/Squeeze/Sid monikers.

Over @ backports.org, they use lines like:
Suite: lenny-backports
in their Release files, so it is different.

The apt_preferences manpage still refers to an 'Archive:' line which isn't 
in the current release files.  It also doesn't mention any way to match the 
'Codename:' line.
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