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Re: translator tool

On 31 March 2009 07:01:57 consultores1 wrote:
> Hello
> I am in need of a translator tool, because i have to write in different
> languages; something that writing a "word", it translates it to other
> different languages at once.
> Could somebody please tell me if it exist in debian packages?
> i use sid and lenny, amd64x2.
> --
> "Consultores Agropecuarios"

If it helps:

aptitude search translate
p   translate                       - translates words from English into 
p   translate-docformat             - any-to-any document translation system
p   translate-toolkit               - Toolkit assisting in the localization of 
p   translate-toolkit-dev-doc       - documentation of the translate-toolkit 

:~$ aptitude search translator
p   gtranslator                        - PO-file editor for the GNOME Desktop
v   ice-translators                    -
p   ice33-translators                  - Slice translators to several 
p   icee-translators                   - ZeroC IceE Slice translators for C++ 
and Java
p   ktranslator                        - translate words from one language to 
p   libsql-translator-perl             - SQL translation library

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