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Re: managing audiofiles

Bernard wrote:
Hi to Everyone,

I have an old Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-960PC. I never did find a way to recuperate recorded audio files from this tool, in any other way than using the MSWIN specific program. Since it worked all right, I always used it that way. It gave compressed audio wav files which I recuperated onto Linux. From there on, I uncompressed them using the 'sox' software, then converted them into mp3 files using 'lame', which processing gave satisfactory results, to be heard using any Linux software such as Alsaplayer.

My question is this : I have recorded a file which is way too long, since I started the record maybe one hour prior to the meeting that was the purpose of this work. Now I hope I can trim the record in such way as to discard the unwanted part, and keep what I want. How am I to trim such an audio file ? Is there a specific doc I should read for this ?

Thanks in advance for any input.


I use audacity to edit my audio files. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ It is in the repos.


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