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Several users need to work in the same directory


Currently I am setting up a webserver and several people (developers)
need access to the /var/www/our_domain directory.

There also exists other users which shouldn't have access to the web

Now first I thought about making the "our_domain" directory owned by
"www-data" and "developer" group, and then have the permission set to
570, but I then discovered that when a user from the developer group
creates a new file inside /var/www/our_domain, then it only inherits
the group but not the group permissions.

I then asked the user to change his umask, but at most he will be able
to create a file with rw- and NOT with the execution bit set, thus
making it impossible to run the file from the web server.

I then changed everything back to root.developer, and then had the
directory run with 775, but again whenever the user creates a file
inside the directory the execution bit isn't set.

I know that the user can chmod the files he just created manually and
then set the execution bit, but in our case the developers sometimes
upload several new files using sftp, and I am wondering if they really
have to logon again using ssh and then manually set the execution bit
on every single newly uploaded file?

I hope I make sense.

How is this normally handled?

Best regards.


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