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Re: public key

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>From: sbarar@gmail.com
>To: d.dalton@iinet.net.au, debian-user@lists.debian.org
>Subject: Re: public key
>Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 13:06:22 +0530
>>2009/3/28 Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@iinet.net.au>:
>>> How do I set up public key on linux? And then how do I sign files
>>> emails? I have read up on this, so understand the basics I think,
>>> just wondering what tools I use for: decrypting files, encrypting
>>> signing files and actually generating my key?
>>Create a key. If you are using thundebird (as your mail in other
>>thread implies) make sure you have installed enigmail package. If it
>>has been installed you will see additional menu when you launch
>>thunderbird which can hel you all this.
>>> What is the difference between signing and encrypting?
>>Encryption of outgoing document is done by recipients public key so
>>that he can de-crypt. Signing is done by your key where the message
>>not neccessarily encrypted. This generates a hash which can be used
>>recipient to verify your message has not been tampered with using
>>public key.
>>Sudev Barar
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>>PS: I know most of people do not follow email niceties (mostly they
>>are not aware) but if you follow bottom post/in-line post style of
>>email conversations it becomes a whole lot easier to carry on
>>meaningful dialogue and you can snip out what is not meaningful too.
>>Most people just hit reply button and top post leaving prior message
>>appended uselessly at bottom. See if you can adopt this style and
>>persuade others. In case you are already doing this ..... great,
>>spread the message.
A little more on signing vs. encryption.  While both use algorithms
and keys the purpose of encrption (in your context) is to make sure
that no one can read the message even if they are able to intercept
the transmission.  The purpose of signing is to make sure the message
was in fact sent by the correct person.
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