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Re: Problem accessing external usb drive in non superuser mode

On Sat,28.Mar.09, 00:13:35, ajm wrote:

> > The 'user' option means that a user can *mount* that filesystem. You 
> > probably want the 'uid=divkis01'. See 'man mount', the section 
> > "Mount options for ntfs".
> See if you have read/execute permission for /mnt/maxtor.  You could try
> to mount it to a directory owned by you...create an empty directory 
> under your /home/divkis01 (assuming your user name is divkis01).  Also
> change your fstab to point to the new mount point.

1. I'm not the OP
2. according to the manpage 'ntfs', by default, has files owned by 
'root' and not readable by somebody else. There solution to this is to 
use 'uid=' or/and 'gid='. Please don't mislead the OP.

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