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Re: mysql server stopped and i cannot restart

Quoth harland christofferson at 2009-03-22 02:39...
> For some reason, the mysql server stopped and I cannot restart it. I
> have not upgraded and the machine was running nominally otherwise for
> 120+ days.
> Does anyone have suggestions? I've been reading all morning but haven't
> found anything helpful yet.

You might want to look at the MySQL error log - should give you
something more meaningful than the system log.

Note sure of the location of this in a default Debian installation as I
always use my own highly customised LAMP stack.

Look in the MySQL data directory (wherever that might be -
/var/lib/mysql is MySQL AB's own default) and have a look in the log
file there which will be based on your host name with a .err suffix.

The .err file has always got me out of trouble before.

Hope this helps.



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