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Re: Console font size change on xorg exit

Quoth Douglas A. Tutty at 2009-03-18 10:59...
Two questions:

Thanks for your reply.

1.	Does this still happen if your kernel command line has
vga=normal? (I'm assuming that you're using a framebuffer), and if you
don't use a special font?

Yes it does still happen with vga=normal. I don't honestly know if I'm using a framebuffer or not - this is plain vanilla Etch, defaults as installed. (I have to confess that despite having been using Linux for about 12 years, I'm not entirely sure what a frambuffer is nor why I should want one - things have generally worked to my satisfaction and thus I have never investigated.)

2.	What happens if you blindly type "reset" or setterm -reset?
Both these get the prompt/cursor back to the top of the screen, but still in the same gigantic font.



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