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Re: Several segmentation faults after upgrade to Lenny

In <[🔎] 49BD35E3.7000106@henrik.synth.no>, Henrik Brautaset Aronsen wrote:
>I just did a aptitude upgrade on an early lenny (testing) system to
>lenny release, which has resulted in an unusable system.

You made sure to change all occurrences of "testing" to "lenny" or "stable" 
in your apt sources, right?  I hope you didn't pull in any Squeeze packages 

The upgrade is complete, right?  'aptitude install' doesn't want to perform 
any actions?

>programs (bind, apache, greylist and a couple of others)  segfaults on

Apache and bind and running fine here on Lenny.  Install debugging symbols 
and gdb, get backtraces, open bugs, and possibly move back to known good 
versions until it can get fixed.  Etch is still available as oldstable on 
the normal Debian mirrors and continues to get security support if you need 
to downgrade.

>Attached is the strace output from one of the of the failing commands
>(update-python-modules --post-install python-support.dirs).  I'm not
>strace expert, but it seems to fail on "futex(0xbfde8b00,
>FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = -1 ENOSYS (Function not implemented)".

Odd, I was fairly sure even Etch kernels had support for futexes, and glibc 
should be able to fall back to something else anyway.

>My server is running as a xen instance on a 2.6.18 etch xen kernel.  I
>tried booting a 2.6.26 kernel as well, this didn't help.

That really shouldn't be much of an issue, libs and binaries in Lenny are 
required to run on Etch kernels so that upgrading from a fresh install of 
4.0r0 to 5.0r<latest> works.

If the kernel you are running on was not an Etch kernel, it would be 
possible that you would be missing a kernel option that is required for 
correct operation of a Lenny system.

Any unusual messages in /var/log/messages or dmesg?
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