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Re: Ext3 for flash drive

"Masatran / Deepak, R." <masatran@freeshell.org> writes:

> Recently, I re-partitioned my flash drive. I made one FAT32 partition, and
> one Ext3 partition. The problem is that when I transfer files from my laptop
> to my work computer, the UIDs on the Ext3 partition are used for the
> permissions, so I am not able to access the data. How can I fix this?
> Both computers run Debian Lenny. The laptop runs Sawfish while the work
> computer runs Gnome. I manually mount the flash drive in Sawfish, and I have
> a FSTAB entry to allow this without Sudo. Gnome does an automatic mount. I
> don't have superuser privilege on the work computer.
> I am willing to use non-Ext3 filesystems, I just want RWX-RWX-RWX-style file
> permissions.

I use tar.  Leave the format in FAT.  Make tar file (with compression
usually).  Copy tar file to USB drive.  The tar file will contain

You might even be able to use tar straight to the flash drive like
  tar cvf /dev/sda files...
I used floppies like that.  But that gives you only one archive per


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