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Re: Lenny won't install on an old Pentium that used to run Etch.

Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>> Yup, I did a reinstall of Etch. I just did a minimal install this time
>> (unchecked all the options in tasksel). I was able to get througt the
>> base install and right up to the installation of GRUB and the reboot and
>> could log in. In other words, no surprises. Etch is installable.
>> I've not got through the base install the Lenny CDs, however.
> How about doing an upgrade instead?
> You could even try to do it incrementally.

I had a problem to upgrade on an old Pentium with K6 uProcessor from
Etch to Lenny.

When I edited the sources.list so that I can to update aptitude from a
Debian Lenny mirror then I get error message: Illegal instruction and
can't to use aptitude anymore.

I have tried too to install Lenny from a netinstall or from the first
Lenny's installation CD but at the point of setting up mirror for
further installation, when I'm running aptitude update I get the abowe
mentioned error message. But when I remove the mirror lines in
sources.list, and do aptitude update, then the aptitude works again.

So, I can't to use the Debian mirror with Lenny, but with Etch this
works fine. What can be the problem here?

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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