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Re: Lenny won't install on an old Pentium that used to run Etch. Try 2

On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:22:57 -0600
Robert Hodgins <ehodgins@telusplanet.net> wrote:

> I sent this email in two parts. It seems that only the second part got
> through. So, here are both parts combined into one email.
> I have a (old) Pentium 75 that used to run Etch. I have been trying to
> install Lenny on it without success. The installation stops at the 6%
> point of the "Installation of Base System" step. Various packages are
> being retrieved at that point. At different times, the installation
> has stopped while it was getting dpkg, coreutils, bdsutils, and
> libselinux1.
> When the installation stalls, I can't get CTRL-ALT-F4 to open another
> console, so I can't tell exactly what was going on.

Assuming you are using the text installer (if you haven't you should,
just in case), you should be able Alt-F4 to see the system logs (ctrl
is unnecessary in text mode.  Alt-F3 and Alt-F2 should be alternate
consoles you can use.

I recommend watching the syslog in Alt-F4 and only switching to Alt-F1
when you need to do input.  Perhaps a kernel fault, or bad CD-ROM
drive?  It could also be bad RAM (have you tried memtest?), or some
other intermittent fault in hardware (like IDE).

Basically if you haven't already do so I would test the hardware.  You
seem to have enough RAM so that shouldn't be the issue, and assuming
good media that leaves hardware or driver problems as the most likely

I guess one other possibility is if the installer is not using the 486
kernel but the 686 one (/var/log/syslog in the installer will tell you
the answer to that).

Good luck,

And that's my crabbing done for the day.  Got it out of the way early, 
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