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Re: apt-get BROKEN (postgresql-client-7.4 lost its "libpq.so.3")... ideas?

On Wednesday 11 March 2009 15:10:05 will trillich wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Boyd --

Please use interleaved quoting style.  If that's too much effort, 
please bottom-post and trim the quoted text to only what is 

It makes the posts easier to read for experts that may have not 
been following the thread from the beginning.  I've tried to 
correct your quoting below.  I apologize if I don't get it exactly 

> Subject: Re: apt-get upgrade trouble (with postgresql-
> From: "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." bss@iguanasuicide.net
>>On Monday 09 March 2009 15:31:23 will trillich wrote:
>>> # /etc/init.d/postgresql-7.4 stop
>>> Stopping PostgreSQL 7.4 database server: mainError: pid file 
>>> invalid, please manually kill the stale server process.
>>>  failed!
>> Have you followed this instruction and then removed the pid 
>> That should convince the init script that postgresql-7.4 is 
>> and let the removal so forward.
> There *is* no pidfile for postgres 7.4 (check the original 
message --
> we've got one for 8.1, none for 7.4 :).

The init script for postgresql-7.4 thinks you do.  I need to make 
the command "invoke-rc.d postgresql-7.4 stop" run cleanly as root.  
That is the command that apt insists on having complete before it 
will continue.

As it is, your packaging system is in an inconsistent state, and 
apt is trying to fix it before it will do anything else.

> The real problem is really
> "main/usr/lib/postgresql/7.4/bin/pg_controldata: error while 
> shared libraries: libpq.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No 
> file or directory."

No, that's not really a problem.  That would only be a problem if 
you actually wanted to run postgresql-7.4, which uses libpq.so.3.  
Postgresql-8.1 uses a later version of this library, either 4 or 
5, I can't remember.

> And now it's got our entire system un-updateable! Apt-get is 
> until we can unravel this. We'd like to remove psql7.4 (using 
8.1 just
> fine now) but apt is STUCK. Suggestions welcome... Thanks!

Clear the error apt is reporting when you do the run first.  At 
that point apt will continue, get your packaging into a consistent 
state, and then let you make further changes.

I know that the apt error is coming from one of the packaging 
scripts, probably prerm or postrm.  I think one of those calls the 
postgresql-7.4 init script and that is reporting an error.
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