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Re: NFS server fails after upgrade to lenny

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009 21:24:23 +0100, Michael Wagner wrote:

> * Hendrik Boom <hendrik@topoi.pooq.com> 09.03.2009
>> I upgraded the server on my LAN to lenny recntly (after making a backup
>> of the etch system (everything except user file systems)) in another
>> partition.
>> Now when I run lennty on the server, an NFS mount from a client machine
>> fails with the message (hand-transcribed from screen; there may be
>> typos)
>> lovesong:~# mount /farhome
>> mount.nfs: mount to NFS server '' failed: RPC Error: Program
>> not registeres lovesong:~#
>> So the upgrade seems to have damaged something.  Where should I look?
> Hello Hendrik,
> I have had the same problem here with sid on the workstation and lenny
> on the server. I found on the net the solution to write in
> /etc/default/rcS.
> With this entry all works fine.
> Hth Michael

s you said in the next message, on the client.

I\ve looked at the specs for this option (in man 5 rcS) and I don't see 
how it will help.  It merely delays the time the filesystem is mounted 
until later in the boot process.  However, I boot it manually, long after 
the boot is finished. 

Still, I'll try it tomorrow, and see if it works.  All may not be as 

No. Wait.  The /etc/fstab line is /farhome   nfs defaults,user,auto,exec 1 1

So ot's mounted automatically *and* allowed to be user-mounted.  (I 
wonser if these options conflict.) So when I mount it by hand it's after 
(presumably) it has already (presumably) failed to mount ....

Definitely to try it tomorrow when I'm awake and nobody's relying on 
continuous service.

-- hendrik

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