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Hy man!

I have a problem with the dspam.
the dspam is configured, but i have thise error for dspam_train command:

# dspam_train root /.../spam/new/ /.../ham/new/
Taking Snapshot...
root              TP:     0 TN:     0 FP:     0 FN:     0 SC:     0 NC:     0
Training /.../ham/new/ / /.../spam/new/ corpora...
[test: spam   ] 1236247725.V809I165c24aM115023.b result:
===== WOAH THERE =====
I was unable to parse the result. Test Broken.

I try to move the spams and hams directory to other directory, for
example /root/spam /root/ham , but a get thees errors too.

Could help me somebody?

Szilard Szabo

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