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Re: Icedove & Gmail

josep schreef:

I use Gmail with Icedove, so "I'm getting my mail with IMAPS and SSMTP".

But.: When I reply to someone's email, then I go to "View-Headers-All" in Icedove, I can see my IP address at the "Received from"!

How can I configure Icedove, to not to send my IP address in the email?

Thanks :\

That header is added by the e-mail server so it becomes possible to trace the path an e-mail followed. Therefore, if you don't want your IP set in the e-mail, you should use a trusted e-mail server which does not do that; in practice, that's probably impossible.

There's practically nothing somebody can do with your IP except for the security by obscurity which is broken if someone has your IP.


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