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Re: Cyrus migration

On 8 mrt 2009, at 09:29, Rod James Bio wrote:

Does someone know how to migrate cyrus setting? I've been trying to migrate my old cyrus settings to my new mail server. What I did was use rsync to copy the contents of /var/lib/cyrus and /var/spool/ cyrus to my new server. After that I logged in onto cyradm and executed lm and there was no output.

In my experience the easiest method is to simply do a clean install of cyrus on the new system and configure it like the old one including setting up the correct users/mailboxes. Then, with both servers running, copy the old mail over using IMAP, either using both the old and new accounts on your mail client (if you've only got a few mailboxes) or using imapcopy [1].

Another method I haven't tried myself yet is dumping the mailboxes to file:
  # su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -d" > /var/lib/cyrus/mailboxlist.txt

And restore it with:
  # su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -u" < /var/lib/cyrus/mailboxlist.txt

After that you might not get all the 'seen' and quota settings back. I haven't got the solution to that in my notes, so there google or the cyrus mailing list archives are your friends.

Good luck,


[1] (http://home.arcor.de/armin.diehl/imapcopy/imapcopy.html)

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