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Re: i cannot able to delete file from the USB pendrive..

I am using debian - etch....
After deleting the file it shows that file is removed from the pendrive..
but when we open pendrive after that we can see all the file in that with out any change... wht is the reason.. can any one solve that... i am using 4 gb pendrive of Transcend..

and if we try to open the file in windows.. we could see a new folder named nikarthil.trash (nikarthil is my username in debian).... And it says that it is read protected.. so we cannt open that...

Can any one help...

thanks in advance....

After you delete the file, empty the trash. When you use the trash feature, no files are deleted until the trash is emptied pen drive or not.

You can bypass the trash can by enabling "Include a Delete command that bypasses Trash" in Nautilus. Edit>Preferences>Behavior

Hope this helps.


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