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Re: how to setup ftp server on debian sid?

Dnia 2009-03-06, o godz. 17:10:22
Star Liu <minxinjianxin@gmail.com> napisał(a):

> i cannot install proftpd on sid, and wzdftpd doesn't work correctly.
> does anyone has experience in setting up a ftp server on debian sid? I
> need the function of uploading files and folders. thanks

proftpd is 1.3.1, and have no new upgrade for version 1.3.2
and proftpd depends on
	proftpd-basic		1.3.1
	proftpd-mod-ldap	1.3.1
	proftpd-mod-mysql	1.3.1
	proftpd-modpgsql	1.3.1

and proftpd is in conflict with
	proftpd-basic		1.3.2

but in repo there are new versions of packages but not proftpd package
	proftpd-basic		is 1.3.2 in repo
	proftpd-mod-ldap	is 1.3.2 in repo
	proftpd-mod-mysql	is 1.3.2 in repo
	proftpd-modpgsql	is 1.3.2 in repo

you cannot upgrade proftpd to 1.3.2 now.
trying to upgrade proftpd-basic from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 affect removing
proftpd because of dependencies.
this same is if you try to install proftpd, because of lack of
dependencies it cannot be done.

You can install proftpd only if you install make downgrade these
other packages to 1.3.1. Or just install 1.3.1 version.

Marcin Kłapkowski

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