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Re: incomplete kernel install, etch-backports

Mark Copper <mcopper@titaninterface.com>:
>  I'm trying to update an older system to Etch.  I'm following Release
>  Notes for Debian GNU/Linux 4.0.  For hardware reasons, I ran the command
>  aptitude -t etch-backports install linux-image-2.6-686
>  Output for the command
>  aptitude show linux-image-2.6-686
>  includes
>  State: installed
>  However, even after running lilo, /vmlinuz is still symlinked to the old
>  kernel.
>  Is this related to the message I received during the installation, that
>  the boot loader needed to be configured to use an initrd?  And if so,
>  where do I find out how to do this?

Is boot support for your system enabled in that kernel (root fs &

Please describe your system (lvm/RAID, where's /, hardware, ...).

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