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Re: browse with root-rights


Bacula is an option for backing up files and i think a very good one.

But there is more to it than that.
I use my server as a printserver.
And just because I work at work with MS Office, I have that installed
too at home.
Just because I have to work on them at home and at work, i use the same

And because Windows uses the CIFS protocol it is logical too use it for
And because i want to make a backup - i mount a share and copy files...
This is done under a standard user account.

And when i get a new linux or OS version ... i try it out on a different
With debian the upgrade to lenny did not go as planned.
I had to do a reinstall - on the test machine

And because i'm not want to do things for nothing, i want to copy my
configuration files ed
to my testing machine. I can use Unix File Sharing, but much simpeler is
to use the CIFS/SMB server and copy the files by cifs from the server to
the testing machine.
For this it is very handy to copy files by example /etc/samba/smb.conf
to /etc/samba/smb.conf on the test server. Only i need root-rights to do
this and i cant browse with nautulus the Windows network.

I know i can install smbfs and mount the share on a mountingpoint
And then cp the files to the share. And from the other side from the
share to the directory.

But because i want it to do easy, i want to do it with 3 or so
mouseclicks. (Open an Explorer like program 2 times, go to the good
directorys and cp files from one to the other.)

On debian 4.0 this was no problem.
And i m looking to do it the easy way.


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Subject: browse with root-rights

> Hallo,
> If have a problem with browsing the Windows network under samba.
> Under my previous version of smaba (3.0.24) browsing worked.
> I will browse the Windows network with nautilus with root rights,
> because i can plece files where i want them.
> For this i use the command :
> gksu -u root "nautilus --no-desktop --browser /root"
> This starts nautilus with user root.
> If i click on Network  --- i get a screen with the Windows Network
> If i click on this icon --- i hear some thing and my arrow returns;
> Windows icon stays on the screen.
> As a normal user i can browse, but i have than to use the home-dir of
> the user to copy the files to. And with root i have to copy them in
> place.
> Under 3.0.24 i could do this, but now under 3.2.5 it does not work
> More info:
> If i give the command from a terminal.
> I get the following message to the terminalscreen:
> Could not get main dbus connection: Did not receive a reply, Possible
> cause include: the remote application did not send a reply, the
> bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timed out or the
> network connection was broken.
> Please help
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