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Debian security announcements now on twitter

Hi everyone:
I really wanted to let everyone know that I've created @Debian_Security on 
Twitter and setup a cron job to parse the DSA feed and post it to Twitter. 
It's been working for a little while now and I think it's stable enough to 
announce to the world.

Forgive me if this isn't the way to announce this, or if I'm stepping on 
someone's toes. I checked Twitter and didn't see anything existing for this, 
so I decided to scratch my own itch. :) If anyone with Debian wants it shut 
down or wants to take it and make it official, just ping me. Otherwise, I hope 
someone can find use in this.

(PS - I'm not on these lists. CC me if you want me to see your response)

Douglas "Just-scratching-his-own-itch" Hunley (doug at hunley.homeip.net)

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