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Lowest ram system with X. Presario 5166.


Sorry for the contradicting subject line. I have a Compaq Presario
5166 that has 128RAM and is running Win2K. Not sluggish actually, but
it doesn't get used a lot either. I might replace it with Sid.

>From what i've been able to find, this pc will only handle a max of
384MB of ram[1] (3*128). From the Debian manual, a minimal install for
X requires 512MB. From my experience i did have a pc with 196MB (with
windowmaker) and it did run, rather slugishly. The least i'll do will
be update that ram and leave it with Win2k, but it'd be cool to
introduce gnu/linux.

The end user will want the usuals: mail, browser, office apps, copying
camera pics through usb, messenger... Now, the most user-friendly
interfaces are gnome and kde, but they are also the more ram-friendly,
i.e. they freaking love it. Also disk space is a bit of a requirement,
last time i installed gnome it ate 1GB, i can get as most as 8GB
installed (i'm on a budget - the least the better - and am using spare
parts). I could set up a personalized fluxbox or something (since this
pc is supposed to be temporary) but that would mean being called
whenever they'd want something new on the menu. Or maybe xfce or
whatever that has a small footprint and redmond look.

How can i isntall only the basics and fundamentals of gnome?
gnome-basic will do? Other suggestions? Other window managers? The end
user never used linux, is not technical, but isn't afraid of mice
either; so if things are intuitive or mimic win, it'll be ok.

Also there's an issue about wireless, the current pc they use (a very
freaking slow laptop) uses wireless through usb and this compaq
probably only has usb1. How's debian on wireless?

Constructive criticism anyone?

[1] also found similar data in other sites

Nuno Magalhães

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