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Re: Debian 5.0 On Dell Latitude CP 233MT

> I installed Debian 5.0 on a Dell Latitude CP 233MT. I've had this machine
> for a long time, its run fine with 3.0 and 4.0 over the years. I'm having
> one problem with it under 5.0. When it boots up, it loads modules then
> when it's populating /dev there is a huge pause, I haven't timed it, but
> at least a couple of minutes. Fire it up and then hit the bathroom or a go
> get a glass of water type pause.
> In the tasksel during the install, I picked just laptop and basic system,
> I installed X later. The first time I rebooted, the pause was so long, and
> the text output looked so odd, I thought it locked up. Has anyone had this
> same experience on similar hardware? Does the slowdown seem normal on a
> machine of this class or do you think anyhthing can be done to tweak it?

I disabled acpi just in case that was causing a problem, the bios don't
support it, but it made no difference.

I added debug to the logging level of udev, which gave me a ton of
messages, but they don't show up in dmesg, just the screen as its booting,
how can I log these messages to a file?


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