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Re: How to automount USB disks at boot-up?

Osamu Aoki wrote, on 03/03/09 00:46:
Do you use modern desktop?  Gnome, KDE, ... then it automounts.

If non X system, just add it to /etc/fstab

It didn't work for me in KDE 3.5.10 (running Debian unstable here). I might have the wrong packages installed.

I see. Did you label drive when formatting it.  I use gnome.  KDE should
do the same...

What I did was identify the 2 usbdrives I own and set up mount points for them and put the following in /etc/fstab:

These are very good but a bit overkill...


This is how ... KDE may require user to be part of plugdev group or so


Hi, I'm using KDE and have pmount installed.

I'm in the following groups:

amarsh04 dialout cdrom floppy audio video plugdev users camera scanner

I also have usbmount installed but disabled in /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf:

# Change to zero to disable usbmount

As I only have 2 usb drives that are regularly attached to this machine, adding /etc/fstab entries with the "users" option enabling me to mount and unmount them by a simple userlevel command is fine for me.

I still get a kde prompt asking me what to do about the drive (caused by pmount?) but I always click on cancel anyway.



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