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Re: sending mail from debian etch via php script using mail()

The default exim4 configuration is the problem, if you like sendmail...

Then... aptitude install sendmail mailx.

It will remove exim4 you can't use both at same time on Debian Etch.

Try again send an email from php.

Andrew McGlashan wrote:
Hi Norman,

Norman Bird wrote:
So I am trying to figure out where the problem lies on my debian etch
box. i do not believe i loaded a mail server on this box. I checket
/var/log/mail and /var/log/mail.error  and they have nothing.  I can
type mail and it says you have no mail. I recall in past having mail
there and I could use the linux mail program and view system sent
mail, but other than than I'm kinda clueless.

Have you got this directory?

If so, check logs there.

Kind Regafds

Andrew McGlashan
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