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Re: grub-probe: error: Cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb1. Check your device.map.

Jimmy Johnson wrote:

>> And at the grub stage I just went word for word on down..
>> So perhaps I create 2 partitions on the thumb, say a 512M for /boot
>> flagged boot and the difference for / ?
> If you want, but it's not needed, like I say it can all be on one
> partition, just make sure it is active/bootable.
> I hope that helps.

I'm not really sure that partitions on modern pc has to be made bootable for
grub to work

just run grub

inside the grub console setup your root partition

for instance first partition on first drive is set with


and after this just setup grub on this partition


it can't be made more simple I think


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