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Re: Where to get superseded package versions

David Jarvie wrote:
> Hibernate/suspend has stopped working on my laptop (running lenny) since 
> updating acpi-support and other packages in December. Where can I get the pre-
> update packages from, to try reinstalling? snapshot.debian.net hasn't had any 
> new versions of acpi-support since December 2007 - is there an alternative 
> repository which is kept up to date? 

I also lost hibernate/suspend on my T61 sometime in December, presumably
 updating acpi-support also I didn't pay attention/notice.  It never was
fixed before a clean install for a non related issue I did late last
week.  And now all is well again with hibernate/suspend.  So possibly
there is another issue to look into?

acpi-support Version: 0.109-10

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