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Re: Modem and NIC Gateway

On 02/05/2009 01:36 AM, Zanga Chimombo wrote:
i've searched for this topic both online and in the archives but the results all seem to have some slight but crucial difference with my configuration. e.g. use of firewall

i'm setting up a gateway for use in one of our remote offices. it will use a GPRS modem to connect to the outside world and eth0 on the internal LAN.

i am connecting to the internet fine using both ppp0 and eth0 interfaces _separately_! but setting up the box as a gateway is proving difficult. i have set up gateways before but using two NICs, not a NIC and a modem. i didn't have to tamper with iptables until later in the configuration. i am assuming it is going to be the same in this set up. i want to set up routing first.

my ISP is using DHCP and ppp0 gets assigned, say and uses gateway

i am able to ping but not what do route do i need to add?

What does your current route table look like? Also, what does your /etc/network/interfaces look like? (Strip out blanks and comments to minimize the noise, please.)

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