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Re: Configuring wlan on Debian Base installation

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 18:24:58 -0600
Jack <jackofdiamonds11@gmail.com> wrote:

> Im not sure if there's a better way to test the connection on port 80,
> or even if this method will do that, but I tried:
> wget
> which hung on "Connecting to"
> So I don't think anything is getting through on port 80 either

That should work fine.  I'm running out of ideas, but I'm no network
guru.  The next suggestion I'd make is to try to run another machine on
the same wireless network, and see if it can connect to the router, or
if the two machines can connect to each other.  You could also try a
different wireless adapter in the same machine.  I don't know if you
have the hardware available for these suggestions.

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