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Re: gimp tools frozen

On Wednesday 04 February 2009 17:22:19 Richard Lyons wrote:
> This is odd.  Just moved to a new (er) box.  Newly installed testing
> system. Gimp2 is almost unusable as the tools (pen, airbrish, whatever)
> don't work. It seems to think the cursor is stuck at 0,0.  Yet the mouse
> (usb) works fine for everything else.
> Another thing:  I cannot get the mouse srollwheel to activate zoom in and
> zoom out.  I set it up in input devices, but nothing happens.  scrollwheel
> zoom works in qcad, so it's not a hardware issue.
> Anyone recognise this?  I'm baffled.
> richard

Mine is working perfectly. Version 2.4.7
No idea why ours is'nt.

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