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Re: [OT] google earth 5.0

Paul Cartwright wrote :
> On Tue February 3 2009, thveillon.debian wrote:
>> Ouch ! Must be a problem with the video driver I guess. I'm using a
>> Nvidia video card and Nvidia proprietary "ugly" .run driver, no problem
>> here on Lenny - KDE.
> Nvidia GeForce 7300LE & lenny here. I use sgfxi -c to install it.

I usually install with the ".run" (180.27 x86-64 here) downloaded from
Nvidia, and the card is a Geforce 8600gt (kernel is

I tested on a semi-old Compaq laptop with ati Radeon mobility U1 chip,
free radeon driver (direct rendering is on), under Ubuntu "Hardy"
(kernel 2.6.24*, x86, Gnome) and it works Ok even if a bit slow.

Maybe you're having a problem with direct rendering or OpenGL, your
video card should be overkill for GoogleEarth so I guess the problem is
with your xorg.conf, or a somehow broken Nvidia driver install. Do you
have the direct rendering on ?


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