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Re: Use of Swap Space

>> Try to run `free' to get a more detailed break up (or even "cat
>> /proc/meminfo").

> Running free -g on my system returns 3. I have 4.
> Running cat /proc/meminfo returns 4030668KB, which is 3.84GB according
> to onlineconversion, closer. Does RAM also have a sort of FAT?

No, it's just that some part of your RAM is used up for other things.
E.g. it may be used by your video card (if it doesn't have its own
VRAM), or by the kernel.

> It seems as though free won't return the accurate size.

The opposite: it returns the actual usable size (of course "-g" makes
it round *down* to the nearest gigabyte, so you get a gross
under-approximation, but that's what you asked for).


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